April 30, 2011

The Road to Surround: Looking back my 35years of work

Photo By Ari Trofeo

Part 1: To acquire the skill for writing, listening, and talking

Part 2: A sweet-potato-vine-style study method - to keep expanding questions in your workplace

Part 3: The relationship of a workplace and self-polishing "An extraordinary nail will not be hammered"

Part 4: Efforts to tell the genuineness - A flog out of pond

Part 5: Generalizing Your Routines

Part 6: The trigger to the surround sound field - dissatisfaction is a new dynamo!

Part 7: Let's build a surround studio!

Part 8: From 3-1 Surround To 3-2, and Then 5.1 Channel

Part 9: Surround Crusaders - to drive surround grow

Part 10: Steps To Surround School-shed and the Next Generation

Part 11: Special Interview with Mr. Kazutsugu Uchimura

Part 12: Special Interview with Mr. Keimei Asami

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  1. Surround sound is not so easy, Mick payed his almost whole of life to develop the new field of sound industries.